2023 Mid Year Review

Yu-Ming, CHANG (he/him)
2 min readAug 20, 2023


It is raining heavily in Taipei. It happens so suddenly that it cuts off electricity for a couple minutes.

“Well, I can’t watch Disney+ without a wifi. How about drafting an article for my Medium. It’s better late than never, right?”

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I would go through three things

  1. How’s my progress compared to original goals?
  2. What has changed and why?
  3. What’s to expect for the second half in 2023

How’s my progress compared to original goals?

It is always fun to read the original goals. Check out Review 2022 and Expect 2023 if you’re also curious.

#1 Regular fit as 73kg for weight and 13% for body fat

I was 66kg with 18% body fat. I am now 70kg and 20% body fat. It is time to reduce fat when I gain 2 more kilos.

#2 Experience the new role and revisit my feelings in 6 months

I am not worried about my current role. I could handle most of them independently. That doesn’t mean I’m worry-free. I’m scared that I cannot land a great role in the future. And I am learning not to worry myself with “false imagination of future”.

#3 Make a plan for my coaching business

I haven’t started this.

#4 Start a channel or podcast

I haven’t started this.

#5 Learn Bass

I decided not to do it this year. Instead, I go learning surfing and Pilates.

#6 Keep rolling personal finance as 70% in stock and 30% in bond

I’m totally recovered from 2022, when I took a gap year to join a coding bootcamp. It’s not like I’m rich enough to afford a house in Taipei. It’s more like a state where I could take my whole family to Vietnam for a 5-day vacation, and still be able to have more total assets compared to the beginning of 2022.

What has changed and why?

I decided to push off the plan to learn Bass to 2024. Buying a new Bass that I want might prevent me from achieving my financial goal. So I go with more budgeted option, learning surfing and Pilates instead.

What’s to expect for the second half in 2023

  1. I aim to get certified in Product Ownership and Analysis by IIBA by the end of December. I will writes articles to organize my learning in this topic as Product Owner series.
  2. I would plan a time to make a roadmap to coaching business
  3. I deprioritize “start a podcast”
  4. I would probably buy iPhone 15 and say goodbye to my current Pixel 3

It has been months since the last time I wrote on Medium. I’m surprised and flattered that there are still people reading my technical articles and adding them to their reading list. Thank you all Medium followers and readers.



Yu-Ming, CHANG (he/him)

I enjoy the positive mind flow when writing code to solve a problem. This is my journey to become a software developer, though now working as a product owner