Internet Explained in One Minute

What is the Internet?

Internet is global connection of physical devices communicating to each other in a standardized way, and it is open to the entire world.

  • Internet is a connection of global networks
  • Network is a connection of nodes
  • Node is a physical device that is able to send, receive or forward information

Internet is a global family talking to each other every single second

How does the Internet work?

Internet works by following a standardized way to send and receive data. It is called protocol.

The most common Internet Protocol is TCP/IP, Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol.

TCP/IP dictates rules for devices to transmit information, including when and how to send and receive data.



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Yu-Ming, CHANG (he/him)

Yu-Ming, CHANG (he/him)

I enjoy the positive mind flow when writing code to solve a problem. This is my journey to become a software developer