What is expected for my career move

Yu-Ming, CHANG (he/him)
2 min readDec 11, 2021

This article is written to demonstrate my commitment to changing career path in 2022, from supply chain manager to software developer.

What does my ideal life look like?

I am still very new to the concept of career path. After 4 years of working, I discovered that, other than monetary, there are some things essential to me that I wasn’t aware of.


  1. I own flexibility to adjust work schedule to fit personal agenda
  2. I am in an environment with trust and support
  3. There are new things coming up to refresh my knowledge base
  4. I am the go-to person for certain technologies, skills, or professions
  5. I am in a position to choose, instead of being selected


  1. There is enough quality time for me and my spouse to be together
  2. There is enough “me” time to explore life experience
  3. I could workout regularly and keep my body fit and sexy
  4. I could spend time coaching younger generation

What are the possible choices?

Thanks to my former employer giving me a taste of remote work. I am now marching toward a life with similar style. Possible choices on the list are:

  • Knowledge Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Coach

I decide to change my career in 2022 from supply chain to software developer

Why I choose software developer

  1. There is growing market demand
  2. The skills are transferable in different industry and corporations
  3. Engineer makes things come true, and I love that feeling

Life is not really only one choice. I would like to accomplish them at different stage of my life

It is a conclusion I get when typing this article. I enjoy acquiring knowledge, and sharing that knowledge with simple sentence. I could make it a business, with a planned portion as a gesture to give back to the community, maybe to my mother school, or some other places globally.

This will require a strategy to gradually pick up all the skills. I will jot down my thoughts on a future series.



Yu-Ming, CHANG (he/him)

I enjoy the positive mind flow when writing code to solve a problem. This is my journey to become a software developer, though now working as a product owner