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Yu-Ming, CHANG (he/him)
5 min readDec 31, 2022
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I hold an MBA degree specializing in Business Process Management (BPM). The BPM I studied is a broader view that involves analyzing end-to-end process, brainstorming solutions that may or may not include software, and managing change to successfully execute solutions.

After graduation, I worked as Business Analyst (BA) for around 4 years. I didn’t specifically look for a job as a BA. I just randomly interviewed in the job market and picked the one that made me feel right.

It turns out that I am quite fortunate because the BA experience that I have is exactly what I studied before. Working as BA makes me able to understand the business nature, and to translate business requirements into feasible technical solutions.

Got Lost in Toxic Culture

However, I was seriously lost in 2021. The reasons that made me feel lost are:

  • I worked in an environment that does not align with my value for TOO LONG which does a great damage to my mentality
  • My manager belittled me with hostile intention to continue paying me under market average

But I know my market worth, so I left.

True Story: the moment I submitted resignation, my manager immediately opened a job requisition in the market for my role within 12 hours, and that req is one pay grade higher than mine. That is the moment when I was 100% sure that my manager is a BS manipulator, and I was so grateful to make that move.

Rested to Focus

After walking away, I signed up in a boot camp to cultivating technical skill, which I kind of enjoying. My plan is to heal myself by doing things I enjoyed, and perhaps to make a career move into software developer. During the process, I started to find a sense of peace.

Thrived in Job Market

Upon finishing boot camp, I started to apply for software developers. However, the time I started to apply is almost at the end of 2022, which is the time when the tech market is already freezing in US and seems already impacted Asia. I could feel demand for junior developer is getting weaker and weaker:

  • have talked to several hunters, and they said that they have no client looking for junior developer for months
  • have talked to a friend who did analysis on Speed Interview hosted by Meet Jobs. The demand for junior developer drastically drops, when comparing 2022Q4 to 2021Q4 (the truth is you can barely find one)
  • There are less than 5 junior openings in the market during my job hunt (so I apply to many senior roles which I just got auto rejection email)
  • Finally, my first-hand interview guts tell me that hiring teams are really taking their time to interview junior, and the bar for a junior position seems higher than ever

The market demand is weak, which means it might take longer time than expected to find a position I want. To prevent the worst situation, I talk to myself to be open to other opportunities as plan B.

When I make myself ready for plan B, I receive a call from in-house recruiter talking about an opportunity to work as Business Systems Analyst, which is the Product Owner (PO) under Agile framework.

To be honest, I did not know what is PO and did not spend much time preparing PO interview. I just simply shared my experience during the interview. It went surprisingly well, and it’s because there are many similarities between a BA and a PO.

I got that PO offer and it met my expectation. (Remembered I mentioned I know my market value? I confirmed my judgement by getting a better offer in a different industry)

I did not accept the PO offer immediately, since my original goal is to work as developer. Hence, I push off the decision to a later time when I could have other offers to consider.

Disclose My Blind Spot

By the end of November, I got three offers. Two of them are developers and the last one is the PO. There are good and bad aspects for each offer. The decision was difficult, so I figured it’s time to revisit why I left my last employer.

Previously, I wrote about reasons to make career move, my expected future work and life, and reasons to quit supply chain job.

When I reviewed original reasons this time, I discovered that the first reason that push me to move is because I want to gain experience that could be recognized across industry. That assumption is such a false, which is so clear to me now but was so foggy back then.

I did not know the career next step as a BA. I felt like it’s a dead-end, and a change is needed. This made me feel a sense of urgent to act. (Change Management 101, pal. It is my field of study.)

18 months later, I found out the next step for BA, which is a BSA/PO. What surprised me is that there are articles on the internet written years ago to map out this career path, but I just didn’t find it.

What I learned at age 31 (2022)

1. What I perceived as dead-end might be promising in another environment

When the flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

— Alexander Den Heijer

2. Take GOOD care of myself

Take good care of myself against those greedy takers so that I could be the best for the world.

What to expect at age 32 (2023)

1. Regular fit

I am now 66kg with body fat at 18%.

I will be 73kg with body fat at 13% by end of 2023.

2. Experience the new role and revisit my feelings every six months

It is career that I never aware of. I’ll put all my heart into it to see if I enjoy myself.

3. Make a business plan for my own coaching business

I will have a draft business plan to start a coaching business, including certification institutes, government process, and marketing plan by end of 2023.

4. Start a Channel/Podcast Sharing My Experience (start with planning)

It might be part of the marketing plan or just a casual recording to kill some time.

5. Learn Bass

I will spend at least six months to experience playing Bass in 2023

6. Keep rolling personal finance

I will rebalance my investment portfolio to 70% stocks and 30% bonds by end of 2023.



Yu-Ming, CHANG (he/him)

I enjoy the positive mind flow when writing code to solve a problem. This is my journey to become a software developer, though now working as a product owner